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It's The Way It Goes

Had a busy day today - my first free weekend in quite some time and of course it had to rain for the first time in about half a century. It didn't stop me from getting out in the garden though. Got quite a few things crossed off my to-do list, and should complete the list tomorrow. Next weekend will be taken up with the CCCA National show, a two-day, six-ring event so I won't have time for anything else.

I've been reading some essays lately on the whys and wherefores of slash, the writing thereof - and I've come to a few conclusions of my own. However it will have to wait for a night when I'm not half asleep, and sober, before I put my conclusions together in an essay of my own.

Talking about being sober - contact from my almost-ex this week, he finally discovered that I've changed my phone number. He wasn't exactly pleased. Wonder how he'll react when he finds I've actually moved interstate.
Divorce hearing on Wednesday. Woo-hoo! Then only a month to wait. 14th August will be party time.

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