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It's doing my head in!

I made a stupid beginner's mistake today - and compounded it by ringing the customer to discuss my mistaken conclusion, which led me to believe I couldn't do his loan. After the call I grabbed a cup of tea, and during the making of it my error "clicked" and I realised what I had done! Had to swallow my pride and ring customer back, tell him I was wrong the first time. Aargh! Way to have a new customer lose confidence, much?
That was the story of my day today, though. Everything I touched turned to crap. Nothing was right the first time, and the solving of one problem just led to another.
On a brighter note, I had my hair cut today so now it sits just on my shoulders. Hey, maybe that was the problem; perhaps, like Samson, my Sekkrit Lending Awesome Powers resided in my hair....
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