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I need a new phone.

The screen on my mobile phone has been playing up, ever since I dropped it a couple of weeks ago (yeah that didn't help) so now I'm looking around for a possible replacement. But I don't "do" choice well! Decisions are agony. And just when I think I've narrowed it down to four or five suitable candidates, I find another one I like.
I wouldn't mind a dual-sim phone, so I didn't have to carry two all the time, but there's only a couple of models available and they're both pretty blah. A touch screen might be nice, but would feel weird when texting. I'd get used to it, I guess.
I'm a bit cost-averse, too. And one phone that I really like is only available on a network that has crap coverage.
This is going to take a while.

Work this week has been a mashup of good and bad. Email came around today, from the head of the dept that is being outsourced, in which he announced that he is "releasing" his staff on Friday. What are they, dolphins going back to the ocean? Why try and paint a pretty picture? Say it like it is, Mark. You're sacking people, not Freeing Willy.

On the good side - my work is increasing. Already settled double my quarterly target and there's still a month to go. Trying for the triple now! And today I learned that something I did in the course of business has had the bonus side-effect of upsetting the hell out of my ex-boss. For shame. *grins and looks totally unrepentant*
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