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Free association

Funny how the mind wanders when there’s nothing pressing to occupy it.
Hopping into the shower tonight, and the words of an old Blue Clinic shampoo ad popped into my head “wash your hair, too clean for dandruff”. I started thinking of other old ads then, and seeing how many I could recall. Cat food ads, mainly, but one standout ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken – the first Kentucky Fried ad I ever saw, where the scenery, the car and the very fat kids are all bouncing in time to the music.

Not quite the image that KFC would want to portray today, I think.

Started thinking “I must google that, see if I can find it”. Ah, google – ten years ago I was using Alta Vista but now Google is synonymous with “search the web”. Newish player in the market, Bing – doesn’t sound as authoritative really.

Have to google Bing. See, already I’m whistling “White Christmas”. Might bing Google, too. (Lord knows you can’t google google; we all know what would happen then, don’t we? ;^)) There was a joke we used to tell, at school, and the punchline was “on the road to Mandalay” but I can’t remember what the rest of it was. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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