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Exploring the Truth

Non-fiction books this time, once again in no particular order:-
Wild Swans (Jung Chang)
The Dam Busters - I can't remember the author's name! But those guys were my heroes while I was growing up. Add to the basket Cheshire VC, Bomber Pilot and Reach For The Sky.
The Rise and Fall of Peter Brock (Bill Tuckey). Attempts to make some sense of the whole pitiful mess.
An Old Dog For A Hard Road - Bill Tuckey's second entry on the list! Did I say I like his writing style? Not to mention subject matter?
Eats Shoots And Leaves - Lyn Truss. If ever there was a book I needed....
In The Blood - God, Genes and Destiny (Steve Jones). Fascinating stuff.
Lucky Man (Michael J Fox).
Danse Macabre (Stephen King) Exploring the genre.
Lindy Chamberlain's autobiography.
Any of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.

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