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Today was absolutely magic. Early thunderstorm cleared away to blue skies and moderate temperatures, making my day in the city an enjoyable experience. Caught the bus in with a friend, as it's easier and cheaper to do that than to drive and then pay for parking. We alighted at the Queen St Mall, browsed for a bit then headed down to the city pier to check out the Sunday markets. I bought a couple of ceramic owls there.
The Citycat leaves from Riverside quay every 15 minutes, and we hopped aboard (no extra charge; bus ticket enabling travel in all five zones) and went to the very end of the line, out past Toowong, then back again. It was a lovely trip - basically a free river cruise. Could have been improved with chardonnay and cheese but I'm not complaining. Sunny day, the breeze in our faces, and the motion of the ferry. Almost hypnotic.
Afterwards we walked down to inspect Customs House (I'd been there before, for a union meeting, but my friend hadn't seen it) then back up to the Myer Centre where we had a very late lunch (as a consequence, no dinner tonight. I'm STILL not hungry.) then browsed for a while longer before catching the bus back.
So here I am, windblown, slightly sunburned, and happy-tired. I'll sleep well tonight.

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