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Pigging (and chilling) out

I was supposed to have lunch with an old friend today - he just got back on Tuesday from a month in the USA and I was really looking forward to catching up, seeing his photos etc. But he rang this morning to cancel; it seems his niece, who travelled with him, was rushed to hospital this morning with suspected swine flu, and now he's in quarantine for a week (or until niece gets the all-clear). He did offer to come across anyway, and get me a week off work in quarantine as well, but I have too much on my desk to get through. Besides which, I really really don't want to get sick this winter. I've gone ten years without the flu, and five years without so much as a cold.

Speaking of cold - it has been. This morning, at 6am it was only 5 degrees C here, and right now it's 9 degrees so we're heading for another freezing night / morning. I had dinner tonight with a friend, at a restaurant where we normally eat outside, but tonight we took a table inside and as far from the door as we could manage. Afterwards we had coffee at a little coffee bar that was open to the weather; even with a t-shirt, jumper, leather jacket and gloves I was still cold by the time we left.

Now I'm home and snuggly-warm in my flannelette jammies, fur boots and fleece dressing gown, with the heater roaring away in the next room and a cat on my lap.

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