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Uniform disappointment

I am sooo disappointed with my new uniform allocation, which arrived yesterday. Last year's allocation wasn't any better, but at that time I thought my problem was due to the extra weight I was carrying. But this year's is just as bad, if not worse. The shirts gape at the front and droop at the shoulders, but they just fit across my hips so a smaller size isn't an option. The jacket was made for someone with gorilla-length arms (and with the addition of red piping, it looks as though I'm trying out for a spot in a marching band) and the skirts all tent out at the front,as well as being itchy as hell. The worst by far, though, is the pants. Not only are they also scratchy but I really can't work out what sort of body shape they're designed for. They're the right size for my waist and hips (well if you disregard the fact that the waistband gapes at the back and dips down at the front) but there's enough surplus fabric across the front that Octocock could wear them in comfort, and the thighs balloon out like jodphurs at the sides. The overall "look" is not professional; rather it looks like someone playing dress-ups in her big sister's hand-me-downs.
So, back it all goes. All I'm keeping is the belt, and the boatneck three-quarter sleeve t-shirt. No point hanging on to the rest of it, it would just clutter up my wardrobe. I'll continue to make do with previous years' allocations, supplemented by a few items of non-corporate that I've picked up. Hopefully at the end of our financial year my boss will proceed with his plans to "package" me, and then I won't have to wear uniform anyway.
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