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Head for the hills! Or maybe not.

*Firstly, the east coast of Australia is on tsunami-watch after an earthquake rocked the South Island of New Zealand. It's not known at this point whether any tsunami waves have been generated but coastal services are on high alert.

*There's talk about a Lithgow Panther (or panthers) which supposedly roams the Blue Mountains of NSW from Penrith to Lithgow. I moved away from the Blue Mountains 27 years ago; even back then there was talk of this mythical big cat. We used to refer to it as the Mulgoa Monster. Every couple of years there were alleged sightings, and photographs of its footprints were a staple part of the Sunday papers. Nice to know it, or its descendants, live on.

*Bendigo Bank is asking staff to volunteer for unpaid leave, which equates to a 4% pay cut, otherwise jobs may be lost. They're hurting, I think, from the hit on their books due to the Great Southern collapse, as Bendigo's recent bedmate Adelaide Bank financed most, if not all, of Great Southern's investors' loans. Ouch. Meanwhile Bank of Queensland is hugely unpopular in NSW, where it has plans to close 12 owner-manager franchise branches.

*And.. the govt has clawed back over $32 million dollars from separated parents trying to dodge paying child support because they filed a tax return to get their tax bonus, the Federal Government says.

And finally - I saved this a few weeks back because it made me giggle -


ETA: The Weatherzone doovalacky that sits on my desktop has stopped reporting weather data for my location. Should I be worried? goes to blow up the rubber ducky
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