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My son is currently winging his way to the US, at the start of a three week holiday, and although I often don't see him for that length of time I'm missing him already. I drove him to the airport this morning and waited with him until it was time to go to the departure lounge, and I've had two text messages so far ("We got the seats we wanted!" and "Currently sitting in Auckland airport waiting for connecting flight"); he's also taken his laptop so he can email photos on a daily basis.
Meanwhile I have his cat to look after, and his two bearded dragon lizards. I've been given thorough instructions on the care and feeding of lizards, and also been shown how to look after the crickets and worms which are the lizards' food. Tell you what, looking after the cat is a doddle in comparison.

I'm on holidays for the next fortnight, too. There I was on Friday, merrily transferring files into the workbasket of our branch's other lender once I'd got them to the point that I could do no more - waiting for valuations and documentation etc - and she goes and has a huge fight with our boss, and quits. Just like that. One weeks' notice, cancelled all appointments, flicked all my files back. Boss madly trying to organise someone else to take over, while the branch manager is tearing her hair out because she's expected to step in, as she used to be a lender, but we're moving premises in a weeks' time and she's trying to get that all organised. Really really bad timing on S's part to quit when she did....
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