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Unlike andreathelion's recent experience, my plumber not only showed up on the appointed day, but he was half an hour early! Which meant he arrived at 7.30am, a most uncivilised hour. But I wasn't complaining, no sirree. I've lived with a toilet that constantly runs, for about a year now, and when the second toilet decided to do likewise - and my water bill went up by over $100 per quarter! - I stopped procrastinating and started ringing plumbers. None of whom returned my call. And then - oh lucky day - our customer service specialist mentioned a young guy who walked in to open a business account, as he was going into business for himself as a plumber, having completed his apprenticeship. She gave him my card, and he rang me that day.
I also got him to remove all the tapware from the bathroom, and the bathroom guys are coming out at 4pm tomorrow to quote on the resurfacing. I've been using the downstairs bathroom for a few months now, knowing how slack I am at organising things; if I continued using the upstairs bathroom I'd find all sorts of reasons not to get it fixed.
Tomorrow I'm off to buy new taps. Fun!
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