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Country Ramble

I have my car back at last! Was able to pick it up at 8.30 this morning, shortly before heading out for a picnic with friends.

We went to a place called Running Creek, which is about 5km north of the NSW border on The Lions Road (off Mount Lindesay Highway). Scenery on the drive in was changeable; from the dryness of the plains and gentle hills on the approach to Rathdowney (rain is so badly needed!) to the steeper granite hills and scrub on The Lions Road. The road itself was narrow, only one lane in parts, and ran up and down and around hills, with numerous creek crossings - I was surprised to see that the creek itself was flowing, as it's been that dry. An enjoyable drive on a sunny day.

Picnic spot was pretty, with the hills closing in around us and the creek below. It would have been lovely if not for the biting wind. Didn't matter where we sat, it was impossible to avoid it. We stuck it out for four hours before crying Uncle and heading home.
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