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Retail Therapy

Feeling a bit down in the dumps today - seems my car needs to go back into the shop to get the job done properly - so to cheer myself up I went shopping for new taps for my bathroom. I'm happy with my selection as they look vaguely 60s/70s in design, which is about the time my house was built.

The big purchase, though, was unplanned. Well, it's something I've been meaning to buy for a while but hadn't planned on doing just yet - a netbook computer. It's the cutest thing! (and yes, "cute" is important *g*). It's a Toshiba, with 1G of RAM and "only" 160G hard drive. Considering my first-ever computer didn't even HAVE a hard drive, but rather required cassette tapes loaded into it, 160G doesn't seem like such a hardship.

The idea is to take it with me when I go overseas, so that I can be in contact with home via email, and can download and store (and email!) photos every night. Ah who am I kidding... the whole idea is so that I have an internet connection while I'm away!
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