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Thank god this week's over. Back at work on Tuesday, with a rotten cold and a backlog of emails (somehow I've lost the access to check them from home - keeps telling me I'm not authorised to do so) which I still haven't made my way through. Plus a bucketload of folks who were quite happy to wait until I got back in order to get something done (rather than deal with my replacement) but all wanted their stuff looked at first thing Tuesday. I'm still working through that lot! Even worked back an extra hour tonight just trying to get caught up with everything that needed doing.

And we moved premises while I was on holidays (timed that well, I did) so most of Tuesday was spent unpacking boxes in my office. I had a walk-in at 9.35 Tuesday morning and it took me forever just to find a pen and paper! All set up now though, except for certificates as I want to buy matching frames for them before I put them back up.

Meanwhile today was the last day for five of our team, scattered across three states, as their jobs have been centralised in Sydney. I managed to catch up with two of them to say goodbye but the other three weren't answering their phones. Hopefully that meant they were out on extended lunch breaks with their colleagues.

Now it's the blessed weekend and I'm kicking back with a well-deserved chardy, thinking about maybe fruit and ice cream for dinner, and probably an early night.
Mmmm, ice cream....
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