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Glad that's changed

Notes from the Bank's archives make interesting reading.

"By 1878 staff were forbidden to reside or board in hotels or inns, frequent public houses, play billiards at any public table, or to absent themselves from their duties without permission, whether for meals or other purpose."

So how did the employees of yesteryear let off steam?

"The Mudgee manager did it with guns, however received a letter from the General Manager saying 'understand you have had a near escape of murdering one if not both of your assistants. For the sake of everyone belonging to you, give revolvers up as playthings.'"

Then, in 1934, uniforms were first issued to female staff, bringing with them more rules.

"For many years uniforms were not to be worn off the premises unless on official business*. On leaving the premises on business, 'a ladylike demeanour will be required. The munching of pies, frequenting of public bars, passionate love scenes cannot be tolerated'.

"Rebellious women would walk along the street arm-in-arm at lunchtime until one was dismissed."

* when I first started in banking we were not permitted to wear our uniforms outside of the bank if travelling by public transport
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