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New Branch

After years of being crammed into pokey little premises, we finally scored ourselves a new branch. The move happened while I was on holidays (timed that nicely!) and I'm still not totally sorted in my new office, but near enough.

This first photo taken from the door, showing the width of my new office. And look, that's a lockable cabinet in the corner! Somewhere to store junk out of sight!


It gets better - when I took this next pic I was standing in front of my full-size filing cabinet! Believe me, if you'd made do with a cardboard box on the floor and an explosion of files on your desk for as long as I did, you'd be excited too....

office from cabinet

I even have my own phone line, complete with voicemail, and hasn't it been fun sorting that out. I had five attempts before I was happy with the message on it - and then decided that I wanted to add my mobile number to it so had another three "goes" to get it right again.
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