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Good stuff / bad stuff

Bit of a mixed week, this.
On the plus side -
* boy arrived back from the states last weekend, having had a marvellous time. Wonderful to see him and his lovely lady back safely.
* parcel arrived from sunray45, which was totally unexpected. Thank you so much! Will be something coming your way soon too.
* other arrivals included Never Far Apart 2 and The Cuckoo Waltz

On the minus side -
* best local cat-world friend moved to Bloody Wingham a week ago. She rang last night, and complained about the cold. What does she expect, she's in Bloody Wingham! (and going down to Sydney for the Aby show this weekend so Jules if you're there, say hi for me)

Still in high spirits though - it's the weekend! Birman club meeting tomorrow, and Willowbank on Sunday. Good times.
Tags: cat shows, family, friends, v8 supercars, work

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