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Start of the weekend - and it's hot.

What's with the weather lately? Over the last week we haven't had a day under 25 degrees, and three days have been over 30, including today. It's 10.20pm now and still 22 degrees outside - and this is winter. I'm starting to be very, very glad I bought a new air conditioner for this summer.

I met my son for lunch today at Garden City. We dragged it out until 3.30 then walked around the shops until they closed - I picked up a coffee table book called "The Most Beautiful Country Towns of England" (research! *g*) and books 4 and 5 in the Harry Potter series. Also a couple of small dumbbells because when I hold my arms out, my underarms look like they belong to Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Not a good look! I really need to work on that.
Once the shops shut we went to a coffee shop and sat chatting then for another ninety minutes. We're as bad as each other - could talk until the cows come home.

It's vid rec day on crack_van and I'm now amusing myself watching some of the offerings, catching up with my flist, reading emails, and generally doing very un-useful stuff. What else are Saturday nights for?
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