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Day Off

I feel like a child playing truant from school today. I arranged to take the day off as annual leave, knowing I'd need recovery time after a two-day National cat show, and a houseful of visitors. I spent the morning putting the house back to rights, and catching up on all those usual weekend things that just didn't get done on the weekend. I've lost count of the number of loads I ran through the washing machine; I've dusted and vaccuumed, changed sheets, scrubbed cattery, packed things away, even washed the car this afternoon (and typically there is now a humungous black cloud hovering over the house). In the middle of all this I made some little fabric bags and filled them with catnip - much appreciated by my blue boy who subsequently slobbered all over the bag I gave him. Anyway, I have felt slightly guilty all day, as if there were other things I was supposed to be doing. Like, for instance, going to work and attempting to meet this month's targets.

I have now decided to stop feeling guilty, and I have given up trying to assuage the feeling through industrious cleaning etc. Instead of finding something useful to do I am now sitting at my keyboard, in front of the pc, and indulging myself reading email & fic. Bugger the housework!

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