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Too wired to sleep.

Got home half an hour ago after a dash to the emergency vet clinic - I suspected my Tang had a urinary blockage, which is a life-threatening event. (Tangman, for those who haven't met him, is my chocolate point Birman neuter, and father to my Princess Fatty Kitten who appears in the icon). Turns out that he's probably only just constipated; xrays show his bladder is not distended at all, and there's a backlog of faeces in his intestines, but due to his size (he is not a small boy!) the vet was unable to exert enough pressure on his bladder to extract any urine. They're keeping him in overnight, on a fluid drip, to fill his bladder and make it easier to extract. Once they're sure he's not blocked I can collect him.

It was 8.10 when I left home, and it's 11.40 now. Couldn't be bothered preparing a meal at this time of night so I've made do with toast - and stood in the kitchen clutching butter dish in one hand and Vegemite jar lid in the other, trying to fit the two together... okay it's late and I'm stressed, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! (am NOT telling about the time I put the cucumber in the kitchen drawer instead of the fridge, then spent the next day searching for it.)

I'm still questioning my clothing choices though. I was a picture of sartorial elegance. Changed out of my threadbare trackpants before the mad dash, and into a pair of jeans that I know full well don't fit any more. Kept my bleach-spotted top on but put a bra on underneath, and then hunted through my shoes until I found my oldest reeboks. Topped the whole thing with a leather jacket. I wouldn't have let me through the door of the vet surgery, I looked that disreputable.

*sigh* Six and a half hours still before I can ring to see how the Tangman is doing....
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