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Sitting here wondering how my Chicken is doing tonight - she's gone off for mating and it feels weird not having her here. I do hope she gets pregnant! I didn't breed last season and I miss having kittens about.
The boy she's gone to is interesting, as he's a blue tabby point. Now I don't particularly care for tabby points; imo their points look half-formed due to the tabby markings, but this boy is gorgeous. He's a big strong-boned boy so I'm really hoping for something nice from them. His eye colour is a bit on the pale side, but hers is very strong so we'll hope that carries.
An added bonus is the kitten naming opportunities. My girl's real name being Hippie Chick, and the boy's being Byron Boy... for those not familiar with the place, Byron Bay is an area on the NSW north coast renowned for its alternative lifestyle and dropout culture. This leads to all kinds of interesting possibilities!
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