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One of those days.

Today was eye-test day; it's a little over two years since my last one, and my vision has deteriorated to the point that newsprint is difficult, and the refidex almost impossible to read. And boy, the new prescription makes such a difference. Now I have to wait for two weeks for the new glasses to be ready, including prescription sunglasses for the first time. I put my reading glasses on while I was in the car the other day, and all of a sudden I could read the dials on the dashboard (and also realised that it was very dusty!)so the sunnies will have three different strengths graduating from top to bottom to cover the range from long-distance to close vision.

Otherwise it was a pissy day. Lost a big loan to another bank because we wouldn't waive an establishment fee; had a solicitor give me an earful about a loan that was supposed to settle today (I'm not in Settlements and unfortunately can't do anything about it other than ring and hassle them, same as she was doing!), and had someone else whinging on about switch fees on her fixed rate loans. Today was one of those days I was just wishing I could have stayed at home.
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