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Phillip Island L&H 500

What a race!
And what a decision Lowndes had to make on that last lap; press on hoping for a first but risking a DNF, or back off, letting Tander pass him for the win but still securing second place points? He made the sensible one but it must have burned like poison.
Last Lap

Cam McConville had a day he won't forget in a hurry, frightening the life out of David Besnard in the process. It's hard to tell from TV exactly how close a call it really was; it looked as though there was no distance at all between them, and Besnard later commented that he needed to change his undies, so it must have been close. I've just watched it again on youtube and even knowing the outcome, my heart was in my mouth -
See? Supercars CAN fly!

Roll on Bathurst, in a months' time.
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