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It's taken eleven months - and I still need to hang the new towel rail - but my bathroom makeover is finally (kinda) finished! Plumber came first thing this morning to install the new taps.

I wish I'd taken a piccie before I started - the walls were a red-tinged shade of lilac, while the bath surface was pitted and worn. By the time I thought to take a photograph I'd repainted, but the tiles are the original hen-and-chicken pattern in shades of yellow (try to imagine the lilac wall behind, and the yellow-stained ceiling.)

Waiting for the resurfacers to come. Taps and blind removed. Note the lavenderish-coloured vanity unit; it's a good guide to the original wall colour.

It took two days for the resurfacers to do their thing, and another two weeks to get the plumber out here. What a difference now -


Taken with flash in very late afternoon - 5.30pm this evening - which has tinged the white slightly yellow. Note the colour of the vanity now.
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