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Procrastination as an art form

Why do I always put off doing my tax return? Once I start, it only takes about an hour to whip through, especially now that a lot of the information is pre-filled. The longest part of the whole thing is checking that all share dividends are listed.
What else have I put off lately? I very nearly put off washing my car. It was grey from the dust storm earlier this week, and when I got home last night I parked on the back lawn with every intention of washing it last night, but the news announced another dust storm on its way so I let it go. Then on the radio this morning I heard that the dust had fizzled out so I grabbed bucket and hose, and returned car to its shiny glory.
Of course, now that I've done it, I've heard further reports that the dust is still on its way an should be here around 10pm... ah well, at least it was clean for a little while.

On the subject of washing things, it's been five years since my Norwegian Forest Cat has had a bath, but as I was taking him to a seminar today he had to get all spruced up. I bathed him last Monday - he was quite shocked by the whole procedure! Good as gold at the seminar today, though.

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