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Laze about Sunday

Eight months and two days until I fly out, but already starting to prepare. Bought my luggage today; I figure I won't have too much trouble identifying it on luggage carousels etc as it looks like something a hippie threw up after a particularly bad trip.

Yeah, that should stand out in a crowd.... *g*

What else did I do with my Sunday? To start with, slept in. That, after all, is what weekends are for. Dusted down the outside front walls of my house, to get the horrid red dust off. My neighbour was dusting his fence - that's something you don't see every day. Watched a couple more eps of Between the Lines (thank you sunray45 for that) and read a bit more of NFA2. Washed my bedspread, watered some plants, did some grocery shopping. All ready for the start of the working week. Well, as ready as I can be.
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