miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war

According to Grant Denyer, the driver who wins this race will be the one who is prepared to stand up and punch the mountain in the face before it punches you.
It’s wet, across the top of the mountain, as the cars stream through in bright sunshine on their warm up lap. All drivers elect to start on wets.

Lap 1 - oh surprise. Hell Corner has lived up to its name, resulting in the first safety car of the day.

Lap 5 Todd Kelly to slicks. But the shot from Skyline shows a lot more bad weather in sight.W Davison, S Richards and Lowndes all do likewise on the next lap. What the Hell was the Vodafone team doing, releasing 888 from the pits right into Richards’ path? They were both lucky to avoid damage, and the resulting drive-through penalty won’t help their chances.

Lap 13 – check out car 51, Murphy is moving. Fastest lap of 2.10.9.... Dumbrell gives the wall a kiss coming across the top of the mountain. My spellcheck tells me that Dumbrell isn’t a real word. That’s not the half of it.
Graphic demonstration of the heat generated by the brake pads.

Michael Caruso has used up his luck for the day, and Jack Perkins had his own momemt.
And its only 10.30....
Tags: the most fun you can have with your clot, v8 supercars

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