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Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow, Nor ever wind blows loudly;

10.45. Four of my top five predictions are in the top five, bit there’s a long long way to go. And for the record, my predictions were:
1. Lowndes/Whincup
2. Tander/Davison
3. Murphy /Skaife
4. Ingall /Kelly
5. Richards / Winterbottom.
The next round of pit stops is starting, shuffling the field up for the moment.
Holdsworth’s just done a 2.09.63, back in 18th position.
No no no no no! Commentator has just commented to Murph that he’s had a good race so far. Don’t EVER say that about that team, beause... well, it’s like a jinx, innit? Doing my head in seeing Skaifey at the wheel of Murph’s car rather than his old red rocket ride too.
Lap 39 and Tander has a 10-second lead. Ominous dark clouds surround the track. Up and down pit lane crews are anxiously watching the Bureau of Meterology’s weather maps.
Hee! falcadore ’s predictions are travelling nicely too. His picks:
1. Johnson/Courtney
2. Lowndes/Whincup
3. Kelly/Kelly
4. Winterbottom/Richards
5. Richards/McConville
Lap 50 – “Frosty” Winterbottom has been warmed up by a fire at the rear of his car. His weekend is over.
Lap 61 and my unexpected visitor just left. Time to get back into things, with 100 laps to go. Now we have the second safety car of the race while marshals remove a chunk of metal from the track. Can’t have the 17 car running into it.

Troy Bayliss just declawed the Kitten car in the Dipper, and here comes the rain....

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