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So all day long the noise of battle roll'd Among the mountains by the winter sea;

Heart in mouth! Courtney, lap 81, spun after a touch from Alex Davison. Everyone through safely though. Rain is pouring down now. A number of cars pit for wets; both no. 2 and no. 51 elect to stay out. Will Davison does a 2.43 and would be regretting that decision. Murph’s wet lap was a 2.47. Okay, bak from an ad break and Davison is pitting for wets, there’s a safety car on the track, and the Ingall/Kelly car is building sand castles at Murray’s Corner.

Courtney’s in the garage, and Todd/Rick Kelly has a mechanical black flag for dragging bodywork. Whincup’s 11th and Murphy’s 14th. WTF? Both teams will be hoping for another safety car.

1.40pm and another safety car due to Sam Walter giving the wall a nudge. A freight train of cars into the pits for a fuel topup and new tyres. The 7 Kelly car takes advantage of the SC for a pad change. More commercials *sigh*
A question – if that “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” sketch was so damn offensive, how does Mitsubishi get away with the Fuso truck ad? Hasn’t Harry Connick Jnr seen it yet?

Hello! A commentator who knows the names of the corners and doesn’t just refer to them as Turn 1, And who the hell names their kid “Fabian” anyway? And... the sun's back again.
Car 9 lost precious seconds when the car refused to restart after its pit stop. Turns out someone knocked the master switch during the driver change.
“I’ve left the shovel in there mate so you can dig it out of the shit.” Hee! Triple 8 humour.
Fifty laps remaining and there’s only been five permanent retirements so far. Hope I’m not speaking too soon....
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