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One Week Later

Some highlights of last weekend's National show:
Having Connie & Sue here was a blast. Really enjoyed their company.
Sitting at the kitchen table on Saturday morning, around 6am, all three of us in our flannellette cat print pyjamas. Sexy - not! Anyone would think we were cat breeders or something.
Getting a 17 point challenge for the Princess Fatty Kitten. How good was that. It didn't matter what else I did that weekend, that was the absolute high point.
Seeing Kay Pauling get a Best in Show with her Birman girl under David Scadden. Ditto Marcia & Nicole, in the South African judge's ring. It's always lovely to see the Birmans get up against the Persians and Fiona's gorgeous Coonies.
Watching Sue and Connie pack the car on Monday morning. Yes, kiddies, three into two DOES go.
Just catching up with people that you only see a couple of times a year, that's always fun.

Next year's CCCA National is in Canberra, a bit too far for me to go. But the ACF National is in Brisbane so it's definitely on the cards. Now I just have to convince that pair to come up for it again....

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