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Back to work

So much has happened in the last week-and-a-bit that it felt really strange to walk into my office today, as though I'd been away for a much longer time. I wasn't looking forward to going back to work until the moment when I opened my office door and found myself saying "Hello office, I've missed you!" (yes, I talk to rooms). By the end of the day I was settled in as if I'd never been away.
It was so good to see anonpussynamer last weekend, and only a shame that it wasn't a much longer visit. Was hoping she could stay Sunday night as well but her hubby needed to be back at work Monday.We had pizza for tea on Saturday, in a repeat of what used to be regular monthly pizza nights when we lived much closer together. Still fun! Sat up until 1am just gasbagging, then had to be up at 6am for the show. By the time I got home again at 5.30pm I was buggered. Pity poor anonpussynamer though who still had a 7-hour drive ahead of her before she was back in her own bed.
Yesterday was spent washing sheets / unloading car / putting away show stuff as it won't be needed again until February. Then I made the fatal mistake of sitting down in front of the PC while I ate lunch - and there went my afternoon. I really, really should know better.
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