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Weekends are the quickest 48 hours of the week.

Had dinner last night with a friend who hadn't made it to my birthday party, and he gave me my belated birthday present - a voucher for four "hot laps" in a V8 Supercar. Woo-hoo! Only condition is that he has to come on the day so he can videotape it for posterity. Oh good, live piccies of me throwing up at the end of it. *g* Payback, I suppose, for the time I filmed him cuddling a stuffed white rabbit. The film mysteriously did the rounds at work *pulls innocent face*

Hot today - up to 35 by 1pm - but cooled down rapidly with the advent of a furious storm. Wind, rain and hail dumped on us for no more than fifteen minutes, but it was enough to bring the temperature down by ten degrees. In the middle of it my back door blew open and in the time it took to slam it back shut, a metre-square puddle of water had formed on the floor.
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