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Lap 23 onwards

I thought the settings on my tv were a bit off but no, the Vodafone cars really do look pretty in pink. Rick Kelly smacked the wall on Turn 8 and his day is run. Two laps later and Todd kissed the wall in the same place. Now ourrace leader, Lee Holdsworth, is on the radio apologising to his team because he too has become a victim of Turn 8, necessitating the first safety car of the race.
Courtney is leading, Murph is second, Lowndes is third.

Doesn't matter how many times I see that "don't drink and drive" ad with Whincup, Frosty, Tander and Murph, it always makes me smile. Two other additions to the usual ads played during the V8s; one from Energex warning viewers to stay away from fallen power lines is a timely reminder that summer, and the storm season,is here. The other ad is for Westpac, and how they care about their customers. Bit of a hard row to hoe at the moment when they've put their lending rates up higher than any of the other majors.

Murphy's stuck to the back of Courtney's car like shit on a blanket. Jason Richards hsa just pitted with holes in the radiator; Kim Jones believes it's due to the track breaking up. Tander's had a coming-together with Caruso and stalled as a result, but during the incident he's apparently lost his start motor so his day is over. Safety car out again to retrieve the no.2 car.

Ah god, the Shannons ad features a HQ Monaro in purple/silver with orange bonnet panels! I came *this* close to owning one of those, in the late 70s - was talked out of it by well-meaning family.

Murphy's off in the first corner at the restart, dropping from second to last on the track. Did it all by himself,too *sigh*. No, not last, he's 18th. Whincup's up from 26th to 8th, not a bad recovery. OOH typed too soon; Whincup has just come out of the pits with cold rears and gone straight ahead at the next corner. Safety car is standing by.... and Lowndes just got released from his pit straight into the number 4 car. That will be a pit lane penalty for sure. Both the Sprint Gas cars pitted at once; Murph got in first and Bargwanna had to wait, stationary, in pit lane while Murph took his fuel on. 35 laps to go and still Courtney leads.

What the hell is pouring out of Patrizi's car? Not fuel.. must be water? In the pits at least. Dumbrell has just pulled to a halt on the side of the track. No idea why yet. Bright's just passed Courtney to take the lad, and 888 has a drive-through penalty as expected. Damn! Neither of "my boys" are going to win today. Murph at least has made it bck into the top ten.

What? Bright has a drive-through as well, for a smiliar pit lane incident where he came together with Mark Winterbottom -even though he then pulled back across and let three other cars go out past him. Rules is rules but that is pretty suckful.

Order now Courtney, Caruso, Winterbottom, Todd Kelly, Ingall, Coulthard, Murphy, van Gisbergen and D'alberto.Todd Kelly has no radio so Rick is holding out hand-written signs to his brother.

Lap 55, McConville has just garaged his car and he's not happy, throwing his racing gloves down in disgust as it's a sad, frustating way to end your last-ever V8 Supercar race. Lowndes and Bright have both just come to grief at the same corner, dropping them to 17th and 18th with Whincup right behind.

Lap 61 and Mark Winterbottom's right rear door is flying open, like Courtney's yesterday - but it's managed to close itself again albeit minus the skin. There are nearly more retirements than there are cars on the track; Rick Kelly, Todd Kelly, Holdsworth, Lowndes, Fiore, Bargwanna, Tander, McConville, Perkins, Dalberto, Bright, Jason Richards, Bright and McNally have all had an early shower. Steven Richards, according to the lap scoring, is also in the garage but his car is still circulating, 7 laps behind, in 15th position.

Dick Johnson is looking worried. No wait, that's his usual sad bloodhound expression. He should be worried, though, looking at the history of all the other cars that have held the first position in this race. Kinda like being DADA professor at Hogwarts, or a Star Trek redshirt.

Top ten are all on the same lap. Winterbottom is reporting gearbox problems, with three laps remaining.

Courtney, Caruso, Winterbottom, Ingall, Coulthard, Van Gisbergen, Murphy, Will Davison, Alex Davison, Johnson was the final finishing order. And that's it, until February when we start all over again.
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