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The Great Annual Christmas Card Dilemma

Every year it's the same. Is there such a thing as Christmas Card Anxiety Syndrome? If so, I suffer from it. Presents are one thing - you usually know who you need to buy for and there are rarely any surprises. But cards in some cases are the only contact I have with certain people throughout the year. Old neighbours, for instance, who still religiously send cards containing updates on their lives over the past 12 months.
I have a list of regular Christmas card recipients, and every year in late November I start writing out the cards. Most years I have them off in the mail by the first week in December. And then the cards start coming in, and I find myself wondering if they've only sent me a card because I sent them one. So, a couple of years ago I decided to hold off sending my cards until the middle of the month, and see what arrived first.
That didn't help. That year I worried that people would think I'd only sent them a card because they'd sent me one first.
This year I finished writing out cards at the beginning of the month but have yet to buy some stamps and actually post them. I'm trying very hard not to stress about that....

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