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So that was Christmas

Day four - and the final day - of the Christmas break. And what a lovely break it's been so far. Christmas day was spent with my son; after a lunch of prawn and mango salad, followed by peach slices with custard and icecream, we sat and talked the afternoon away. By ten-thirty it was pouring down outside and he was struggling to keep his eyes open, so he availed himself of my spare bed, thus saving me from a half-hour of worry about him being on the road in that state.
Boxing Day was more of the same, up until 1pm when son left to meet a friend at the Boxing Day sales. That night I had a friend over and we watched "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." It's a long time since I last watched it so it held my interest, even though it's not one of my favourites.
Yesterday was a lovely fannish day, with the Dialj ezine to read (and what a lovely Christmas present that was!) and episodes of The Cuckoo Waltz to watch - Lew was so cute in that show!
Today is shaping up to be more of the same, with the Not Pros Pros Watch becoming the Not-Not Pros Watch. I'm looking forward to finishing a couple of chores then curling up on the lounge to watch The Purging of CI5. Followed by fic, I think, to finish off a wonderful long weekend. I hope everyone else's Christmas break was the same; filled with family, friends, food and fandom.
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