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It's the end of the week as we know it

Random stuff... my mobile phone won't hold a charge more than two to three days, yet up until Christmas I only had to charge it weekly. It's only six months old, surely the battery hasn't gone yet? :(
It's raining. Actually, raining is too mild a word for the level of precipitation at the moment. Which is bizarre, because I was outside a few hours ago and marvelling at the fact that the sky was clear, for the first time in nearly three weeks. Ah well, the dams need the rain.
And my car rego renewal arrived. I'd been warned that it was going up, but $150? That's a huge increase. Electricity is supposed to be rising significantly as well. Time for a budget rethink.
To top things off, I'm intensely itchy tonight. I was bitten alive by mozzies on New Years Eve, resulting in nasty weeping sores which I've been treating with Dettol, but last night I put tea tree oil on the bites just on one leg. Big Mistake. Everywhere the tea tree oil touched I now have a fiery red, stinging rash. I won't do that again in a hurry.

On the plus side, I've worked out how to convert .pdf files to .mobi files, and have been able to upload byslantedlight's novel to my kindle. Yay for lovely prosfic that I can now take everywhere with me!
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