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Spent six hours today working on an assignment; yeah, happy Australia Day to me. I had to take a break mid-afternoon as I'd run out of both a4 paper and black printer ink, so down to Officeworks I trotted. The ink prices had me amused - one black cartridge was $35 but I could buy a bulk pack of two blacks for $72.50. Wow. And the three coloured inks were $18 each, but an Ezi-Buy pack containing all three retails for just $56. They must rely on people assuming they're getting a bargain and not actually doing the math.
Anyway. Crawling back into the study-hole now, from which I should emerge, blinking and squinting in the daylight, some time around early April. Tell me again why this is a good idea.
Tags: life the universe & everything, study, they're kidding right

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