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Ah technology! I wish I could quit you

Settling back into work after a lovely weekend, all too short as usual.
My son was over yesterrday and we went shopping - off to the Dick Smith Electronic Superstore for a poke around. That led to discussions of home media centres, and how easy it would be to set my laptop up to act as one (easy for him, at any rate. Me? I'm a technological idiot.)Then, when we got home, he was fiddling around with my mp4 player and showed me how to connect it to the tv so I could watch my songvids on the full screen. How good was that?!
Of course I had to try it out then. I picked a Pros vid - ancasta's Under Pressure looked fantastic on the big screen! It made me want to sit down and watch Pros eps for the rest of the night.
I'm planning to spend Friday night going through all the songvids I have on my player, watching them all on the telly. Bliss!
(and now planning to convert laptop to media centre as per son's suggestion. Ooh, shiny....)
Tags: family, life the universe & everything, pros, shopping

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