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Lunch date

Into the city for lunch today at a teppanyaki restaurant - I'd never been to one before so it was a completely new experience. What a lot of fun it was! The chef was not only a good cook but also an entertainer, throwing bowls to us then flipping the food into them. The highlight of his performance was the serving of fried rice, which he placed into individual bowls and then flipped the full bowls to us without spilling a grain. That man is a star!
Anyway. Really good, fresh food, excellent service from staff who treated us like royalty, and fantastic company - two ex-my-branch lending managers, both of whom left the bank while our area was under the rule of He Who Shall Not Be Named. One of them came back after HWSNBN left, but is situated at another branch, and the other is currently negotiating his possible return. The more things change....
It's funny, how many people leave our bank to go work at another one, only to come back again. I remind myself of this any time I think about leaving. Or, as one former boss said, it's same shit different uniform, so why go through the hassle of learning new systems etc.
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