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One down, three to go

Another trip into the city today, this time to sit my first exam for the Diploma of Financial Planning. I aced it! It was done online at the education provider's offices; a time limit of one and a half hours to answer 35 multiple-choice questions. I used up all the time, too, to check and double-check my answers, making sure that I'd read the questions correctly. Actually felt sick when it was time to press the "Submit" button - such a relief to see the "Competent" result at the end.

I'd taken an annual leave day today, as the course isn't part of my job requirements, but all the same I had to dive into work to approve a loan before heading into the city. A technical problem had prevented its approval yesterday (which was the Subject To Finance day; I'd had to ring the solicitor and get an extension)but it was supposed to be fixed overnight - and it was. Phew.

Home by three pm, got a few chores done then settled down to some reading. Also took the opportunity to wash my poor filthy car; I'd been putting it off as the forecast has been for "showers" for as long as I can remember, but we haven't actually HAD any this week. Of course, now that I've washed it, it's bound to pour....
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