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Take The Time

Got home early tonight. Usually my Norwegian Forest Cat is sitting on his scratching post (The Colloseum) at the front door, waiting to greet me, while Princess Fatty Kitten is usually right behind him. My early arrival took them by surprise tonight - they were both still curled on my bed. As I walked into my room they both looked at me as if to say, well hey, you go changing our arrangements without warning, you can't expect us to know.

I got a few odd jobs out of the way but then, just on dusk, I took the time to simply sit and watch the colours changing in the sky, and the clouds blowing across. I was determined not to let any undone jobs spoil the moment, but instead simply - be. So I sat, and looked, and enjoyed. It was lovely. First star I saw I made a wish on. It was an impulsive, spontaneous wish which surprised me and kinda scared me a little, to the point where I'm half-hoping that it doesn't come true. But if it does, well that's all good too.

Finally the mosquitoes drove me inside. Next time I want to sit and take in a sunset, I'll bring the mozzie coils with me.

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