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Catty rambling, feel free to ignore

One thing leads to another *sigh*.The state government has introduced new companion animal legislation that requires all cats to be registered with the local council, in the same way as dogs have been for years. I sat down last night intending to do the paperwork and get it off int he mail today.
Registration for desexed cats is discounted if proof of desexing is provided, so I grabbed my cats' Cat Control pedigree/ registration papers to copy as proof of the cats' status. This is when I discovered that I'd never changed the paperwork for Dotty or Miss Kissy, simply because I don't show either of them so it was a bit pointless getting their papers changed. Not only that, but I'd never transferred Miss Kissy to Qld in the first place - she was still registered in NSW in the now-defunct RASCC. And Fatty Girl's titles are incorrect on her ped; I sent in the update late last year and received the new ped back but didn't check it at the time.
Okay, so I'll send all three amendments in to QICC together, get them all transferred/updated and then do the local council paperwork. I needed to hop online to check the schedule of fees, and remembered that my prepaid wireless doovey, which I use when I'm out and about, needed topping up. This is the first time I've had to top it up so it meant logging in and using the ISP's control panel to get a reference number in order to register. Except to get that reference number I had to type #150# in the dialogue box. This is the moment when I discovered that my netbook lacks a # key. Oh, the symbol shows up over the 3 all right, but pressing it gets me a pound symbol.
Once before I mentioned an anomaly on the netbook keyboard - pressing the @ gets me " and vice bersa - and someone (byslantedlight?) told me where to go to change the country settings. Sadly that did not work; the keyboard obstinately insists on typing " when I press shift2. Anyway, I checked every single key on that keyboard in all kinds of combinations and not one of them gave me a hash symbol *double-sigh*. I packed it up and left it.
Tonight I hooked the wireless thingy up to my laptop and managed to complete the registration process. It wasn't an easy process. I'm sure they make it difficult on purpose, but for the life of me I can't think what that purpose might be.
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