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Getting an early start on the weekend

My 3.30 appointment didn't turn up, so after returning all phone calls and emails I logged off at 4.15 to get an early mark. And didn't I just feel like I was playing truant, walking out at that time, even though it only really made up for the hour I spent at work last Friday - which I took as an annual leave day - because of a loan that needed approving.

The weather report was for showers today but clearing for the long weekend. I hope that's right, and defies the current weather warning for severe storms and possible flash flooding. We've had enough rain this week; surely it can wait until we're all back at work next Tuesday.

Earlier this week I booked accommodation for a trip south later this month. I'm travelling with a cat, which limits the places I can stay, and I rang a particular caravan park on the recommendation of a friend. It was an interesting conversation; the manager gave me directions which concluded with "you'll reach a gate with a stop sign - when you get to that bip your horn and I'll come down to let you in." I then had to describe my car to him, so he knew what to look out for. Turns out they don't hire out to passing trade, but only to pre-booked people. Still, it has me a bit nervous. Small, isolated caravan park off the beaten track, by a river, in a sparsely populated area. First sign of banjos and I'm out of there.
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