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Money talks.

Work today was interesting, to say the least. First appointment wanted $50k for home renovations. No job, existing loan two months in arrears... I don't think so. Second appointment wanted to know why the balance of her line of credit was over $12k higher now than 12 months ago. That would be because she's putting in $2000 per month but taking out $3000. Third appointment wanted bridging finance to buy a relocatable home in a retirement village, something that we can't help with as he won't own the land it stands on.
All these were leading up to the real doozy that lasted from 3.30pm until 6pm. These two fought and bickered and slapped each other in my office at every verse end. I can't help but wonder; if they act like that when they're out, what are they like at home? In front of the kids? They took forever to make any decisions, and then they could not agree. It took them twenty minutes just to choose a credit card - and that was AFTER I'd explained the different ones available. They had to argue the choice between them. And don't get me started on how long it took for them to agree on a limit.
I was soooo glad to see the back of them.
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