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Happy St.George's Day

...which I'm celebrating by not actually being there. Instead I'm sitting in a cabin...somewhere...to be honest I'm not really sure where I am. I know it's south of Tynedale and north of Grafton, and I took the Brushgrove/Cowper exit, so could be in either of those places I guess.
The caravan park owners are effusively eager to help, and gave the guided tour of the place which took over half an hour. Get the feeling they'd adopt me into their family if they could, nothing is too much trouble for them. And I was pleased to discover that there's another cat show attendee staying here, someone whom I've known for years and years, who I used to stay with when I went to Tamworth show.
So. We've had a good gossipy chat, a couple of drinkies, and now retired to our individual cabins. Dinner is baked beans on toast - I couldn't rely on there being shops anywhere nearby, and sure enough our hosts tell us there's only a pub up the road. I'll do a supply run before coming back here tomorrow night.
I took some photos with my phone, which I'll upload when I get home again.
The trip down was awesome, no delays or roadworks or anything. At one point I noted that I'd been travelling for two hours and 34 minutes, and had covered 235km. Amused myself for a while after that by trying to figure out my average speed to that point but gave it away as too complicated for my poor brain.
There was plenty else to amuse me, anyway. It's such a beautiful part of the world. Driving through canefields on the left, while to the right the sun on the Clarence river creates a dazzle so bright it hurts the eyes. The whole picture is framed by the purple smudge of mountains all around.
Princess Fatty Kitten is currently sprawled across the bed behind me, displaying her tummy which is badly in need of a brush. She wasn't quite dry from her bath when I put her in her travel cage today. She's settled in here, though, which bodes well for tomorrow. I hope.
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