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Home again

... after a trip lasting exactly three hours and one minute.
Yesterday morning I woke to an eerie hush. Fog blanketed the caravan park, muting the traffic noise from the highway, and making it impossible to see very far ahead. The trip from park to show was done at speeds well under the limit. Every so often the fog would lift, and then we were treated to the sights of fishing boats moored at rivers edge, and quaint houses (all on stilts, attesting to the river's propensity to breach its banks). I wanted to stop and take photos in half a dozen places but couldn't spare the time.
Entrance to town was via a one-lane bridge; I can't remember the last time I saw one of those!
Eventually the fog lifted and the day was bright and sunny. IIRC it reached 29 degrees.
On my feet all day, stewarding for one of the QLD judges; a Birman breeder like myself so we had plenty to talk about. In fact it was a real "Birman" day; two other of the six judges were also Birman breeders, and the show manager and trophy steward as well. I'd not met the latter before; she flew up from Canberra for the event.
Anyway. Back to the van by four pm, and once again Chris and I met up for drinkies, this time sitting by the waters' edge until the darkness and mosquitoes drove us inside.

Bear in mind it's a tiny little thing, and not exactly five star; indeed, the five star places won't take cats so we're always grateful for whatever we can get. Photos taken with my phone so excuse blurriness.

The stove:
cat show
Picture doesn't do justice to the rust etc on the grill plate, or the bubbled, shrink-wrap effect of the control panel.

Tacky plastic attempt at cheer:

Fatty Girl exploring the sink:
cat show

Obligatory framed print depicting Our Colonial Heritage:
cat show

The bed:
cat show

Complete with sheet thrown over for protection against cat hair. Here's why:
cat show

The icon I've used is most appropriate - that particular cat, Mindy, was in attendance yesterday and cleaned up in all three companion rings. Way to go Miss Mindy!
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