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Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld Annual Show

Driving up with no expectations but one fervent wish, to have a cat place in the Birman Specialty ring. And, if only one cat were to place, hoping it would be Princess Fatty Kitten aka Saavik Bacardi, my lovely heart-cat, girl that I bred, girl with more titles than name.

The day totally exceeded my expectations. Both my girlies placed in the Specialty ring; Fatty Kitten was 6th in Desexed while Chicken placed 8th in Entire cats. Chicken also was 8th in one of the allbreeds rings, go Chicken!

But then came the real thrill. Yanina Melnikova, the Russian judge, placed Fatty girl 3rd in her allbreeds ring. Third place might not seem so great but it was a quality field she was up against, I was pleased as anything.

And it was a day for the senior cits. Fatty Girl is eight years old; the cat that came second in that ring (Bindura Embers) is 7 years old, and the cat that came first (Gramar Mandalin) is six years of age now. Goes to show what a bit of maturity can do.

The day got off to a fairly bad start. Our show manager was arranging the trophies on the stage, and took a step back to admire her handiwork - only to step into space and fall quite heavily on her arm. Ambulance was called, and she was taken off to hospital for x-rays followed by surgery to pin her arm and elbow back together. I only hope that she feels a bit better for learning that her kitten won Overall Supreme - even though she couldn't be there to collect it.
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