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Way to go, fellas

How to make your industry look as though it's populated by a bunch of whiny teenage knobs:

From the Weekend AFR -

Beef Burghers are Hopping Mad

Beef producers are angered that national school literacy and numeracy tests during the week gave a "one-sided" account of the benefits of kangaroo meat over beef. The producers say the year 7 test claims "a typical beef steak has between 10 and 20 per cent" fat, compared with a kangaroo steak with 2 per cent fat. It was unbalanced and irresponsible and would give children a negative view of their product, they say.

Leaving aside the question of whether it's actually true or not, it would take a lot more than one test to overturn generations of brainwashing. I can't imagine the average year 7 student would be queueing up to eat Skippy.
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