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It's amazing what you can get done...

..when you don't turn the pc on during the day.
Getting ready for the big trip - I've had my hair cut and styled - my son said once that I had "Hermione hair" and I had to agree with him. Well not any more; now it's short, sitting just on my shoulders, and of course with the weight gone it's all foofed up, but will be easy to look after.
Stocked up on cat food, with 18kg of roo meat, 21 kg of cat bikkies, and 60 cans of cat food. Plus litter, enough to last a month. Damn but I'm gonna miss my kids.
Bought a new Navman (having killed my old one) and downloaded the maps I'll need. Also bought a portable radio, and timers for it and a couple of lamps, to give the impression at least that someone's home.
Washed my filthy car. Rain plus roadworks hadn't done it any favours.
Packed my bags a total of three times so far. I keep pulling everything out and starting again....
Bought a bottle of gin for the friend who's taking me to the airport. She's refused money for the tolls, saying that she was heading north this weekend anyway. I appreciate the lift, however.
Called into my local bank branch, to find my own branch's manager there helping out along with area manager. They have staff off at present after an attempted hold-up on Monday shook everyone up. Not good at all.
What else? Kindle is loaded and ready to go. Netbook packed, phone chargers packed and global roaming set up on my mobile phone.
Just know I'm going to forget something, though.
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