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It's No Waste

You know, I nearly entitled this post "Wasted Day" but then I really thought about it. I was going to write about my Sunday, how I spent it (or most of it) writing a story that just begged me to put it down on paper, and how all I accomplished around here was a couple of odd jobs - potted a couple of plants, replaced a light globe, swept the floors and the front porch. Well, nothing has changed insofar as what I did with my day today - but I now refuse to think of it as "wasted" . I did what I wanted to do, what I felt like doing, and bugger everything else. Hey, the lawn will still need mowing next week, the leaves that blew in will still need raking - yesterday I swept out the front and washed the car as well as doing the laundry so it's not as if I've just ignored the place. I figure at my age it's time I learned to relax, go with the flow, and enjoy myself a bit more instead of worrying all the time whether everything has been done.
But I still feel guilty....

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